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in-person learning pods 

boosting visual art literacy with Covid safe practices

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Private backyard art for stable small groups - we will come to you! We offer Integrated lessons to reinforce academic learning and creative enrichment. From math to science, social studies to core values, we build on what your student is learning.

Specially tailored curriculum from our vast library of lessons

  • learn about artists and world cultures

  • build skills

  • learn new techniques

  • gain exposure to new and exciting materials.

Class once a week/four week sessions:

2 or less participants

  • 60 minute class $45/child

  • 90 minute class $65/child

3 or more participants

  • 60 minute class $30/child

  • 90 minute class $45/child

In response to Covid necessary practices our pods have been created to provide an alternative to Art and Soul's school site programs. 

Our instructional day offers hourly classes that run back to back and the flexibility is based first come first served availability. 

Session renewals: To retain your time and day, confirmation of session renewal must be done prior to the last scheduled class date, by email.

  • Invoices billed through Paypal 

  • All payments must be complete prior to first class

  • No refunds, No exceptions please

  • Make-up class not available for individually missed classes 

  • Air quality days over 100 pts. USA EPA, class may be rescheduled at instructor's discretion.


acrylic painting

watercolor painting

charcoal drawing

oil or chalk pastel drawing, pencil drawing

foil embossing

3-d sculpture, clay

portraiture, human figure, landscapes, seascapes, animals, mythical creatures, birds, illustration techniques, intermediate/advanced studio classes

mixed media


wood block printing

resist techniques

color theory

cooking lessons, mindfulness and more

new project every session. 

Our goal: Improve and strengthen student observational skills. Develop drawing, sculpture and painting techniques in contemporary & classical styles.

Projects goal: Examine human and animal anatomy, still life, landscape, fantasy & monsters, art history and graphic design, all from culturally diverse perspectives.

Students' goal: Engage in a design thinking approach using artist quality materials.