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"Every class is a journey into self expression, discovery and natural ability."

- Kim

"The instructors demonstrate their passion, knowledge, leadership and creativity everyday"


"Anju is beloved and a devoted art teacher who brings out great talent in kids. Alyssa is a fantastic art teacher, who teaches in the schools, a  real talent and wonderful with kids.

Gosh, with art, yoga, mindfulness and cooking... I want to go!!"


"Dynamite Lessons that are  leveled for all learners - more than refrigerator worthy"


Anju Chugh

Alyssa Levitan

Co-founders, Alyssa Levitan and Anju Chugh are veteran Silicon Valley educators. 


We see an urgent need for integrated emotional, social and reflective learning in a world where correct answers and rules prevail.

We also believe that the arts and mindfulness teach children self reliance, confidence, and give them tools for making good judgments about qualitative life experiences.

We strive to build core values of Respect, Kindness, Community, Self reliance & Resilience.

We encourage the buddy system for open and effective dialogue among peers. It helps break down social barriers with their classmates. It creates a collaborative learning environment in which peers feel less hesitant to raise questions. This enables students to develop social networks, cross-cultural experiences. It provides effective support, all around.

Anju has over seventeen years of experience as an SDC educator for ARUSD & PAUSD. With an entrepreneurial mindset, building on that experience she started a healthy food service, 'Pepreka'. Fulfilling the need in her community she directed multiple successful after school and weekend programs in art and cooking with children and adults. She is also a participating member and an educator in training at Mindful Schools.

Alyssa has worked in the design industry over twenty years, designing interiors for residential and commercial clients. In addition to her design business, she is an art educator at PAUSD and instructs students in her studio.  She continues to create art exhibiting nationwide.