anju chugh

Artist and Chef

CEO of Pepreka, ethical and healthy

food service

Participant and educator at

Mindful Schools

PAUSD educator for 17+ years

alyssa levitan

PAUSD art educator 20+ years


Private art instructor 

Residential and commercial Interior

Designer 20+ years


Working artist

Co-founders, Alyssa Levitan and Anju Chugh are veteran Silicon Valley educators. 


We see an urgent need for integrated emotional, social and reflective learning in a world where correct answers and rules prevail.

We also believe that the arts and mindfulness teach children self reliance, confidence, and give them tools for making good judgments about qualitative life experiences.

We strive to build core values of Respect, Kindness, Community, Self reliance & Resilience.

We encourage the buddy system for open and effective dialogue among peers. It helps break down social barriers with their classmates. It creates a collaborative learning environment in which peers feel less hesitant to raise questions. This enables students to develop social networks, cross-cultural experiences. It provides effective support, all around.